Welcome everyone! We are the parents of a very joyful girl – Kate. As a result of difficult delivery our daughter got a birth injury which led to cerebral palsy. Being a two-and-a-half year-old girl she suffers the problem of physical activity. She cannot creep, walk and sit yet. As well as that she is not capable of talking and chewing. But we do believe we will overcome all these temporary difficulties.

Having started her rehabilitation 2 years ago we believed that it would take us only a couple of years to achieve good results. Surely, we noticed some progress but we actually were not satisfied with the results. We want our daughter to be the same as many of her peers. In fact, we were told that we cannot expect a 100% positive result, but we still believe in a miracle (they happen, especially if you work hard to materialize it) and are not going to give in!!! Don’t have the right to give in! But now we do realize we need more time- 5-10 or even more years.

Now we follow Glenn Doman’s methods of treatment for rehabilitation of kids with brain injury which we consider to be one of the best. The method itself was developed in the 70-s and within these years thousands of kids managed to overcome their illness.

The main idea of the website is to share our experience. Thus, the major part of it is devoted to Glenn Doman’s method of treatment.

The main idea of this method is to stimulate the brain where the damage is. The mechanism of that brain stimulation is the activation of motor (mobility, language, manual competence) and sensory (visual, auditory and tactile competence) functions of brain with high frequency, intensity and duration.

The staff of the Institutes established by Doman develops an individual program of exercises for a particular kid. Parents have to do all those exercises together with kids every day. Every six months they have to go to the Institutes to make adjustments to their program. In general, a trip costs about USD10 000. We have visited the Institutes twice thanks to our relatives and close people. Though, we welcome any help or assistance and will be happy if you can make any donation for our daughter. Thanks to your help, we can get high results faster.

Lily, Dmitry and Kate Demidovs
March, 2012


Dmitry (Katya’s father):

E-mail: demid77@rambler.ru
Skype name: demid77

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We are very grateful to everyone who decides to help Kate on the road to health.

Money transfer in USD:

FEDWIRE NO: 026002561
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Beneficiary’s bank: ZAO Raiffeisenbank
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We appreciate any pray for our daughter’s health and her successful rehabilitation.

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