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Official site of Institues Glenn Doman -

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The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Italy (Intalian) -

Sites of families on Institutes Program

Trunov family (father Andrey, mother Natalia and daughter Valeria), Russia, Krasnodar-

Lovyagin family (father Andrey, mother Mariya, son Alexander), Moscow, Russia -

Vilchinskiy family (father Alexander, mother Anna, son Vadim), Russia, Novokuznetsk - (there is a beautiful forum with useful information)

Mom Natalia and daughter Angelina, The Netherlands —

Livejournal of Inga Dubinina (daughter Irina) with interesting articles (in Russian), Belarus —

Karlovy family (father Alexey, mother Tatiana and daughter Anna), Russia -

Blog and lyrics of Anna Karlova -

Bazanov family (father Pavel, mother Olga and son Eduard), Minsk, Belarus -

Stankevich family (father Vitaly, mother Ekaterina and son Egor), Minsk, Belarus -

Sites helpful for treatment by Doman method

A lot of useful information (books, bit) -

Discussion forums on the Doman method

Glenn Doman method for brain-injured children (in Russian) (theme on forum «Deti-Angeli»)

Glenn Doman method (in Russian) (theme on site of Vilchinskiy family)

Glenn Doman method (USA) — treatment of brain-injured children (in Russian) (theme on forum Littleone)

Rehabilitation of brain-injured children with Doman method (in Russian) (theme on forum Rodim)

Reports of mother Julia on visits to Doman (IAHP): Visit to DomanVisit to Doman 2Visit to Doman 3. РезультатыVisit to Doman 4 (trip ti Italy)